Monday, July 30, 2012

Different Types of Homeowner's Insurance

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When driving a vehicle, one might ponder the question, how much auto insurance liability is enough?  There is a wide array of auto insurance policies, providers, and liabilities.  It is up to you to be informed about your auto insurance policy and all that it provides to you.  In this article, Long Island Insurance Executive Gregg S. Marcus seeks to inform about the different auto insurance liabilities that are out in the market today. 

Although each state in the U.S. requires some degree of car insurance, the type of policy available varies by state.  New York State goes by two essential and required forms of auto liability insurance—bodily injury insurance and property damage insurance.  Now of course these two forms of liability insurance can be divided in many ways.  This is based on whether the bodily injury is non-fatal or fatal and how severe the property damage is.  Non-fatal bodily injury insurance provides coverage for the medical expense of the opposing car—that is, if you caused the accident.  This type of liability does not necessarily provide coverage for your medical expenses, so it may be broken up into two areas.  These two areas are divided up based on the bodily injury itself, thus providing coverage for one injured individual per accident.  This liability policy will provide coverage for medical expenses, lost money, pain, and long-term care.  The amount of people that are covered by the policy will be listed so that in case of an accident, you are aware of the medical coverage available to you.

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